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My group has been in contact with Ric O’Barry the last few days. We are going to do a screening of the Cove and Ric will come out to Las Vegas as a guest appearance. We need help funding the venue costs though. This could be a really big thing here for our movement in Las Vegas. If you are able to donate anything, we would really appreciate it. All extra money will be given to Dolphin Project. Thank you

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when the head of MGM PR calls your group and tries to convince you none of the dolphins here in the desert were born in the wild. 




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Footage of the Mojave Dolphins from today, 4/19/14. I feel like the 6 in the center/birthing tank are a bit stressed…

The dolphins were being very rough in the center tank today. They had six in there with access to birthing pool.

The rear pool with the 4 boys. During construction, to enter you have to walk all the way around this pool.

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Construction on the main tank at the mirage

Probably going to be making my group a non-profit. ~Free the Mojave Dolphins~. I am not 100% on the name yet. I feel it should still have Mojave Dolphins in it since I’ve worked almost two years on bringing exposure to that term. We are also going to be working on getting experience to pass a bill when the next chance comes up in a few years. We have made friends with a senator. We’ve turned in our complaints to APHIS & we delivered a letter to the Mirage CEO.

There is some girl online who’s Mirage petition has 80k and I’m trying to get her to send me the signature files so I can turn that in as well. 

If our group becomes a nonprofit, we are even looking into fundraising for billboards around town/taxi toppers/etc. 

It’s kinda stressful and I don’t feel like I am grown up enough to be doing this but FOR THE DOLPHINS

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Hey! So I wanted to let you know I spoke with someone who works at the habitat and they said the main pool is being redone. The four boys will be kept in the B&R pool in the rear while the other six are in the center&med pool.

Thanks! When I had the lady explain it, a trainer came on the mic at the same time and it was hard to hear. I even took a video of it to listen later and couldn’t make it out. 

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Mirage trainer talking about Blackfish

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