I’ve gotten wind that some procaps are mad that I am putting light on the Mirage. I told you 1.5 years ago- I’m moving to the desert, and I plan on taking down this dolphin habitat. I’m sorry you didn’t believe me.

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wbu anon?

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FtMD will be on Vegas Rock Dog Radio this Saturday, July 26th! Tune in LIVE at 10am PDT to listen to us. You can download the app, listen from the website, and watch on webcam! Check it all out below…


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Hi guys! I have a favor to ask. Do any of my lovely followers have any of their own footage of WILD cetaceans (preferably dolphins) that they would let me use in videos about the dolphins in Vegas? Please contact me at - thanks!

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Many people who love dolphins have no idea how barren and unnatural their lives are in captivity. 

This is not education. This is not conservation. This is exploitation for monetary gain. 

Reminder- I don’t visit this blog often. It causes me stress and anxiety and even more so now that cetacean community wanted to get cliquey. I post regular updates on the Vegas dolphins on our Facebook group.
We are the only group here with people on the ground in Las Vegas fighting for these dolphins. Please join us. Everyone wants to take down seaworld and that’s great, but we should not let other parks slip through our grasp. I’ve been fighting this battle almost two years now and I hope one day the cetacean community will open their eyes to this horror in my backyard.

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YO MIRAGE, wheres that shade you keep saying you have ????? 

Information about all the dolphins of the Mojave desert. 

Did you know that Blackstone owns a bunch of property in Las Vegas, too ???

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