The infamous Marineland Canada that has been all over the news lately. Their only orca is Kiska, captured from Iceland in 1979. 

A whole bunch of orca have died at this park over the years. Kandu 2 (l pod, 1971-1979), Kandy (l pod, 1973, 3 months), no name (iceland, 1979, 3 months), Nootka 5 (iceland, 1981-2008), NO NAME (iceland, 1981, unlisted death), Junior (iceland, 1984-1994. He was locked away by himself in a warehouse), Kandu 7 (iceland, 1984-2005 captured w/ Junior), Kiska’s baby in 1992 survived 62 days. Necia (Baby October) born in captivity in 1992-2004. Kanuck (Kiskas calf) 1996-2000. Malik (Nootka 5) 1996-2000. Nova (Kiska) 1996-2001. Nootka 5 had an unnamed calf for 11 days in 1998. Hudson (Kiska) 1998-2004. Algonquin (Nootka 5) 1999-2002. Nootka had a miscarriage in 2001/2002. She gave birth to April in 2004. The calf survived 1 month. Neocia had a miscarriage in 2004. Kiska had another calf named Athena (2004-2009). Nootka 5 had a miscarriage in 2006. 

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