Marineland in Canada opened in 1961 by John Holer, the same guy that still run the park today. He has been abusing animals for over 50 years. Marineland in a seasonal park which means it is only open to guest Victoria Day weekend through the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in October. 

The orca and dolphins are in an exhibit called Friendship Cove. Up until 2006, you were able to feed and pet the killer whales. Arctic Cove is where the belugas are kept. You can pet and feed them for a fee. They hold the world record for having the most beluga in their exhibits. There is another stadium with dolphins, sealions, walrus, and beluga.

The most shocking place at this facility is the Warehouse. This is the warehouse where Junior was kept locked away for many years in a tiny tank, deprived of sunlight and clean air. Keiko was stored back here for a short period of time, and so where many other orca. It is truly heartbreaking to think how many of these warehouses exist in the world. 

John Holer abuses every animal that comes into his park, so please never go there. 

Deceased Orca: Kandu 2 (79), Kandy (73), Nootka 5 (2008), Junior (94), Kandu 7 (2005), Baby October (2004), Kanuck (98), Mailk (2000), Nova (2001), Hudson (2004), Algonquin (2002), April (2004), Athena (2009) and several orca without any names.


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