Kiska. Female.
Wild. Captured October 1979. Iceland
Type of Capture: Seine Netted
Age at Capture: About 3 years old
Blood Type: 100% Icelandic
Name Meaning: Pure in Russian
Offspring: Kanuck (94), Nova (96), Hudson (98) and Athena (04) and a male with no name in 92. None are currently living. 

Kiska is about 36 years old. She was captured off the coast of Iceland when she was about 3 years old. Kiska hasn’t always lived alone at Marineland. Kiska is about 20 feet long, and weights over 6,500 lbs. Her dorsal fin flops to the left side, and she is lacking almost all of her teeth. 

She has had a total of 5 calves, but they all have died at young ages. Her first only survived 2 months. Her longest surviving calf was Hudson who passed just after his 6th birthday. Some believe that her mate, Kandu 7, passed down bad genes that caused her calves to have illnesses. Marineland is always in the news for how poorly they treat animals, so it’s a shocker that Kiska is even alive herself!

n 2006, Marineland received one of SeaWorlds orca, a 4 year old male named Ikaika on a breeding loan. Over the years, all of the orca in Marineland passed but Ikaika and Kiska. He became her only companion, but it wasn’t a happy bond. The two had to be split up because Ikaika would harass Kiska. In November 2011, SeaWorld received Ikaika back after a long custody battle. SeaWorld was worried about his phsyical and mental health. Now Kiska is the only orca at Marineland. 

In 2012, it was reported that Kiska’s tail had been bleeding on and off since July. She spends her time rubbing up against the side of her tank. The trainer that reported this (Christine Santos) was fired after refusing to sign a statement that said she had never seen animal abuse at the park. There are over 30 beluga at Marineland, and Santos feels Kiska does not receive enough attention (nor do the belugas!)

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